11 Marketing Techniques To Attract New Talent

Marketing techniques to attract new talent
If marketing is used primarily to attract buyers, we can also (and successfully) adapt marketing techniques for the field of recruitment.

This evolution has resulted in recruitment methods that use the same principles as marketing to “sell” the company to potential recruits.

talent business marketingAttracting talent is also a marketing challenge

Companies ( AXA , BPCE , Cegid , etc.) that have used these techniques attract the attention of top talent much more easily than those that have reduced their marketing department to prospecting for new clients.

How can you best apply marketing principles to attract the profiles you are looking for


1 – Use public relations to tell your story.
It is very important to ensure that your actions and your words align in the public space. Recruits and stakeholders can see a trick or hidden flaw coming from afar. Use your marketing and public relations to tell your company’s story (storytelling) and promote the benefits of your products.

2 – Emphasize your company’s values.
In 2020, talents are looking for Marshall Islands Email List meaning or social utility in their future work. They want to engage with ethical companies that care about their employees and customers. This is key to attracting great talent. Marketing professionals can help their clients by establishing brand positioning that highlights their company’s values.

3 – Talk first about the culture of the company before recruiting.
Address company culture before investing in recruitment. Turnover is costly, not only in constantly recruiting and training new employees, but also in productivity, loss of intellectual property, and institutional knowledge from a toxic work environment.

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A workforce that advocates for the company is a force multiplier for any recruitment campaign. Values, mission, vision and how work is actually done must align.

4 – Give talent insight into what’s going on internally.
Allow potential new talent to discover your company’s culture through the distribution of content , testimonials or case studies. Although earning a CH Leads decent amount of money working for a big brand can be motivating, nothing attracts more than an internal atmosphere that exudes cohesion and living together.

An organized and productive work environment is the result of excellent leadership that cares about its employees, their training, their well-being and their ideas.


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