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The 20 most innovative French HR technologies in 2020
Each year we present to you the most promising tricolor technology companies in the field of human resources .

Here are the 20 French HR techs you should keep an eye on in 2020.

Employee experience

Did you know that a good employee experience affects your company’s productivity and profitability ? In fact, productivity is not the only thing that is impacted. The talent retention rate , commitment , turnover, and many other things also depend on the employee experience !

Thanks to this SaaS solution, you can create Chatbots so that your employees have easy access to the internal information they need. This solution thus makes it possible to simplify the onboarding of your new employees: How to install the tools that your company uses? How can they apply for health insurance? Etc.

Dialoog encourages employees to listen thanks to short and effective questionnaires including open and closed questions. The results are processed in real time and then assembled in a dashboard. They give you leads on the points to work on to improve the employee experience .


This tool allows you to cope with new Martinique Email List ways of working (teleworking, multiple locations, desk sharing, etc.). It thus facilitates collaboration between employees, helps to maintain trust , generate commitment and create links.

Furret Company
This company is behind the Welcom’App application. It allows new employees to discover their work environment in a fun way . It is an ideal tool to promote your employer brand and create strong links with your employees, even before the big day!

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Well being at work
Workplace well-being covers all aspects of CH Leads people’s work experience, from how people view their jobs to their relationships with those around them. Physical, psychological, social and financial well-being at work enables employees to feel safe, happy, engaged and to maximize their potential.

Bloom at Work
Bloom at Work offers employees the opportunity to take part in quizzes on the theme of well-being at work. Employers can thus analyze in real time the evolution of the development of their human capital and take the right decisions to improve it.


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