3 Key Features Of Marketing That Businesses Can No Longer Know

Also known as digital marketing, it has become a form of marketing that everyone is talking about, and you know. Online marketing 4.0 is it good? Today, nipa will take you to see 3 important characteristics of online marketing 4.0 that business people cannot know anymore.

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1. The world of online-offline sales must go together.

Marketing 4.0 is unique in connecting the offline and online worlds together. Businesses thinking of doing marketing 4.0 must pay attention to both store sales and online sales. Because customers no longer decide to buy from any one channel.

2. Marketing With One To One Marketing

The world of one to one marketing, where Uruguay Business Email List businesses must focus on individual customer needs. Rather than finding a broad target audience based on age, gender, education, etc. Like in the past.

3. Businesses In The Era That Must Provide Information And Listen To Opinions

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When technology and social media are involved, marketing 4.0 is associated with information and listening. Therefore, business in this era therefore, there should be information about products and services that meet the needs of customers online. Including always having a team to answer questions or listen to feedback from customers

Marketing 4.0 is marketing that involves CH Leads technology and the integration of all marketing tools. Knowing this, any business that wants to be successful, don’t forget to study and use strategies. Online marketing in order to drive the business more efficiently.

Digital marketing is marketing and activities internet marketing and social media systems such as google , facebook , youtube , instagram on electronic devices such as pc, smartphone or tablet by taking marketing trends such as content , seo , influencer , etc. The advantages of doing digital marketing will help expand the business scope of business operators quickly. And it also helps to expand the customer base quickly. Which users can get feedback from the number of people who click to visit the website.

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