3 Solutions To Recruit Your Future Talents

Startups: 3 solutions to recruit your future talents!
At a time of ever more innovative projects, spectacular growth, eight-figure fundraising, there is often only one element missing for our startups to conquer the world: effective recruitment .

If you run one of the 10,000 French startups, you are surely hoping to bring the best talent to you.

But now, you are unable to recruit correctly and especially quickly.For what

You don’t spend enough time on your research

You are busy with your business and when you have found the time to find candidates, contact them and interview them… they have already signed elsewhere.

You don’t have the right network
You are not necessarily visible to the community that interests you despite your growing notoriety.

Looking for the 5 legged sheep
The candidate does not apply because he does not correspond in all respects to the advertisement, whereas he could perfectly adhere to the project.

Do you really need a five-legged sheep? Or simply the candidate that suits you

Do you really need a five-legged sheep? Or simply the candidate that suits you?

You don’t know how to do it
Recruiting is a profession, we sometimes Kazakhstan Email List tend to forget it. Once the candidate is in front of you, how can you be sure that he is the right one, that he will meet your expectations , that he will fit into the group?

When you started your business, you may not have thought you were going to face a real “ talent war”. You have not been trained in this and yet, recruiting the right profiles becomes strategic for the future of your project.

The nuggets are rare, everyone snatches them and you do not necessarily have all the cards in hand to convince them to join you.

But without recruitment, no growth and without growth… you know the rest

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So how can you successfully target, seduce and integrate them as quickly as possible?

1 – Inbound Recruiting
Many startups are known and recognized for CH Leads regularly documenting their blog and their various social networks. The goal? Demonstrate their know-how by describing the projects they are working on… and it works.

Young talents from all over the world are salivating at their capacity for innovation and the atmosphere that reigns in these unparalleled structures. And it gives exceptional results in terms of candidate acquisition .


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