4 Reasons You Should Do Seo During Covid-19

When the COVID-19 virus affects people and businesses around the world As a result, many businesses have to prepare to deal with dire situations. Some may solve by reducing marketing costs. or stop doing advertising during this crisis Because they are afraid that the investment will cause more business losses.

but in fact We can still make business move forward even though the COVID-19 virus is spreading hard. SEO is another way to help your business survive .

1. People still search for products and the service is
Whether our world encounters a crisis or any epidemic We humans always have needs. There are essential items, medicines, food, or various luxuries. Only this group of customers changed their purchasing behavior to online channels.

An eMarketer survey found that over 70% of internet users in Thailand avoid going to crowded places during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Doing SEO can generate sales

Search Engine Marketing is still a Paraguay Email List channel through which customers can directly access our business. As I said, everyone still has needs. When there is a need, those people will search (Search) and come to our website.

 SEO Helps Reduce Online Marketing Costs


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From the chart of neilpatel.com We can see that the COVID-19 situation has resulted in a decrease in organic traffic for many businesses. But there are businesses that have taken the opportunity from this crisis as well, whether

Media business
Insurance business
food business
health business
pharmaceutical business
Even if your organic traffic is reduced, it doesn’t CH Leads mean that He won’t search for you at all. Don’t let every opportunity slip by.

During this uncertain economy Investment in advertising or other marketing channels There are also risks. But one of the advantages of doing SEO is we can find knowledge and do it yourself No investment required You can find information about SEO on Blog MakeWebEasy and international websites such as.


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