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The awareness stage in the customer journey is where it all begins. Customers are placed at the top of the marketing funnel. So they get introduced to your brand.

Your ads at this stage need to build your brand’s appeal and connect with your audience emotionally. You should specify strengths, selling points, and what can solve problems that customers encounter here.

How to Turn the Awareness Process Into a Strategy for Facebook Ads

One strategy for Facebook ads in the Greece Email list awareness phase is to Targeting Lookalike Audiences to customers who have already purchased your products or interacted with your e-commerce store. People in this group are likely to take action on your product. Therefore, it is easier to plan an effective advertising strategy.

Another target group to choose from at the top of the marketing funnel is Interest-based audience segments with this audience You can pull in new groups of users. and groups of people who visit your online store By defining the specific interests of the target audience.

When you’re starting out with advertising, you should create one (lookalike) audience and one interest-based audience. Using this method will help you know which audiences are performing the most.

The text in the ad should not focus on the product

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Rather than focusing on your goals or brand style. trying to make people curious Be curious about the product and don’t focus too much on sales at this stage. This is a great opportunity to show your brand how to solve problems or help them.

In the process of advertising considerations, you must capture their attention and make them want to know and think more about our products or brands. 

Now, when new potential customers are CH Leads aware of your brand. They need to learn more about your brand before they decide to buy. It’s time for you to generate interest. knowledge information And make them think about our brand. 

This time, you need to increase engagement with your audience. To give opportunities to potential buyers or new audiences. Consider your brand as part of their solution. But you still need to create ads that provide information to the audience. This can help them understand the benefits of your product.

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