7 Easy Ways To Optimize Your Facebook Ads

Finally, your customer has reached the final stage. At this stage, some groups are ready to buy or decide to do something. But there are others that need a little more push. which the advertising at this stage We must make our customers think of our products as the top priority. 

using detailed targeting more specific Then repeat the ad back to the groups who are interested in your ad. to encourage judgment 

On the Customer Journey Map, note that What is it that makes customers hesitant to make a decision? and the time before your customers make a purchase decision. in order to adjust those data Developed in the next series of advertisements

How to turn the decision-making process into a strategy for Facebook ads

One strategy that works well for this step is the Greenland Email Lists use of carousel ads. These ads feature many products that your audience might be interested in. to lead to purchasing decisions

Another strategy you can use is to send advertisements for promotions, free shipping, discounts, and perks. Go to groups who have added products to the shopping cart but have not yet decided to buy. to encourage them to make purchasing decisions more easily

By analyzing your customer journey and using it in conjunction with your Facebook

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Strategy, you can help you better understand and get to know your customers through their behaviors. It will also help you deliver your advertisements to CH Leads your customers at the right place at the right time. From the customer journey (Customer Journey), we can divide it into 3 steps as follows.

  1. Awareness Customers start learning about a business or product for the first time. At this stage, you need to make your ads interesting and engaging. 
  2. Consideration Consideration At this stage, customers are looking for information or learning about our products, so we have to present to them the benefits and strengths of the brand.
  3. Decision Conversion Finally, we need to create something that motivates them to make decisions more easily and quickly by offering promotions, discounts, special privileges.

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