Advice For Esports Marketing

In the world of esports, gamers often form teams and compete against each other. It is one of the fastest growing areas of sport in the world, with an estimated 400 million gamers. According to a study by newzoo, a market research company specializing in games, global sales of e-sports are expected to exceed 1 billion dollars this year.

With people spending more time indoors and less entertainment due to the coronavirus pandemic this year, esports is emerging as a new entertainment. Today, e-sports, which have various types and profit structures, were born spontaneously from the interest of early grassroots gamers. Since then, various types of games have appeared, and various gamers have flocked to the esports world.

How Is The E Sports Ecosystem Structured

In the e-sports ecosystem, there France Business Email List are several game developers such as valve, riot games, and activision. Several gamers form teams in their games and participate in leagues or tournaments.

Minsun collier, digital manager for mediacom australia, advises that while there are opportunities to expand the customer base in the esports ecosystem, it is necessary to understand the ecosystem’s unique environmental characteristics and audience and have an attitude to connect with them.

Companies Tend To View Their Esports Audience As Individuals Right Now

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Collier said. “we aren’t really experimenting with bespoke marketing content or content in partnership with esports stars just yet.”

High-end fashion companies. Such as CH Leads louis vuitton and gucc. Global sports companies such as nike, and even fast food companies. Such as mcdonald’s are looking for opportunities in esports. Speaking at. A recent iab australia webinar on esports, sean callanan. Founder of sg esports and gravitas, said, “Esports has. A lot of appeal for companies to try with marketing. Content and in-game advertising”Diagnosed.

He said companies can get a chance to meet esports fans in the space where the melbourne esports open or pax is held. You can seize the opportunity to connect brands.”

Twitch’s head of sales for australia and new zealand, ricky chanana, participated as an iab panelist and said, “Immersed in esports gaming tournaments, watching games and chatting live, fans build a sense of camaraderie.



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