Are You Doing Everything For Your Online Pharmacy

Pharmacies appear on the Online market every day, trying to find their place in the Internet market. Do you have one of these too? Before you despair, deciding that your online effort is not worth the effort and the money you invested, it would be good to see if you are following all the right steps for the promotion of your online pharmacy.

Online Pharmacies – Let’s talk numbers
According to statistical studies, 62% of the public searches Online . But only 26% of this audience ends up making their purchases Online, while 36% end up buying Offline. So if your online presence is right, it can trigger sales in your physical store as well.

Website: The flagship of your strategy

The first thing you should deal Lebanon Email List with is the proper construction of your website . Your website should be:

According to Google’s consumer barometer, 50% of users face problems when visiting websites from their smartphone. So 23% of them end up on another website that works better on smartphones.

Use Google’s mobile-friendly test to see how “friendly” your online pharmacy is on mobile devices.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Find your place in the organic results of search engines
First, choose the main categories in which you would like your pharmacy to appear in the first positions of the search engines.

Then create the necessary content for search engines and for your users

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Don’t forget to write the meta description and meta keywords for each product and category you are interested in separately.

Put reviews on the products you want to CH Leads promote and give your customers an incentive to write reviews on the products they bought from your pharmacy. In this way, you will help your online pharmacy to “climb” the SEO ladder .

Increase traffic to your page by creating a blog and producing content for the keywords that interest you.

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