Create A Channel For Communication Not Just Host An Event

Virtual events may be new to most organizations, but the concept of virtual events has been around for over a decade. Therefore, the know-how of successfully running a virtual event has been accumulated considerably.

Rethink your content.
What works on stage doesn’t always work on the screen of a phone or laptop. And it won’t be as focused as the all-day reality conference event.

The Typical Reason Webinars In The Past Failed Was Because


According to peter beige, head of Costa Rica Business Email List marketing for logmein asia pacific, developer of gotomeeting and gotowebinar, it’s best to break up event sessions into smaller pieces of content.

“It’s unwise to try to emulate an all-day conference,” beige says. No matter how interesting the content is, no one will sit through it for hours. If you’re working in an office or even at home, you’re bound to get distracted.”

The importance of interaction
But long meeting times are not impossible. You just have to think about how to keep the viewer’s attention.

They Unilaterally Delivered Content To A Large Number Of Viewers

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Tim johnston, director of demand creation at on24. A digital experience platform operator, said changing the format. From a one-person presentation to a panel meeting or chat show. Could improve the viewer experience. This is because. If two or more speakers interact, the viewer will be more immersed. And more topics can be covered in a shorter time.

Most webinar (webinar) platforms CH Leads include a variety of participation tools. For example live polls or q&a workflows. They can increase engagement and provide real-time feedback to presenters or hosts.

Johnston emphasized that if you focus on the viewer experience using an interactive format, the level of engagement will be high.


Johnston said on24’s benchmark report found that live sessions designed with viewer engagement in mind can sustain average viewing times of up to 55 minutes. “People will be willing to spend time on content if it’s well-crafted, has an interesting medium, and focuses on the experience.


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