Not many marketers give a high score for continuing to care about and actively participating in their company’s cybersecurity defenses.

But Carilu Dietrich, marketing director for Atlassian, a collaboration software company founded in Australia but now headquartered in San Francisco, is helping cybersecurity as part of his job. Dietrich isn’t the only company concerned.

Dietrich (pictured right) says, “The first concern is the impact of a cyber breach on our customers’ data, privacy, content, source code, and reputation. Our collaboration software plays a central role in our customers’ businesses. “Therefore, we have a huge responsibility to protect our customers and their data.” “We take this responsibility very seriously and are committed to maintaining and growing customer trust. We remain vigilant, model, monitor and respond to security threats of all kinds.”

Dietrich continues to track cybersecurity incidents. This helps her team understand the impact it will have on clients and create a transparent, forward-looking communication plan and solution. Unlike many other marketers, she works closely with the company’s security department.

“Each has its own specialties,” Dietrich said. “We need the expertise of both departments to protect and communicate with our customers in the best possible way.”

Armed with a sense of security

this is a relatively common situation for UK Email List marketers at tech companies. This is especially true for companies that host and protect customer data.

Except, of course, when problems arise

Country Email List

The high-profile cyberattacks targeting Sony, Ashley Maddison and Target in the US highlighted the relationship between cybersecurity and marketing CH Leads departments. In particular, the potential damage to brand value was highlight

Marketers talk a lot about ‘brand safety’ when it comes to their brands being negatively mention in the press or on websites. However, little attention is paid to activities that prevent brands from falling victim to Internet villains.

Richard bergman, cybersecurity partner. At pricewaterhousecoopers (pwc), spoke frequently to corporate. Directors and executives about the relationship between brand.Reputation, trust and cybersecurity.


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