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Graphics tools 5 min read 10+ social meia analytics tools 11 min read Building customer relationships – 13 good practices 9 min read Someone is talking about you on the Internet Get free access to mentions of your brand from social meia, forums, blogs, online reviews and more. Enter the brand name Brand24 is the best tool to monitor your brand or product online . Thanks to it, you will find customers and learn the scale of discussions around a selecte topic, brand or product. SOCIAL LISTENING Are you a speaker? Use Internet monitoring Aneta 30, 2017 ・ 2 min read Share with Facebook.

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Share with Twitter Share with LinkeIn and share your knowlege? Many of your listeners will use social meia to share their impressions of your whatsapp mobile number list speech. They will congratulate you, add photos, post quotes and will certainly mention your name – using Brand24 you will easily find such votes. See how our CRO Mick Griffin, who recently took part in the eCE – Entrepreneurial Development Conference & Expo, did it. Project configuration Mick uses the global version of Brand24 where he monitors his name. There are 4 keywords in his project: Mick Griffin – hmm, no surprise here; MickGriffin – in case someone accidentally or delibertely omitte a space,by creating the mickriffin hashtag; mickriffin – Twitter nickname mickgriffin.

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Nickname on Instagram. Thanks to this CH Leads configuration of the project, he will easily find mentions about himself poste in various places on the web. Mick, using our mobile app , could see how his speech was receive right after it ende. And of course, for those who know him, it was no surprise that he receive very positive feeback. One step further Collecting build your ego, but what’s more, it will give you a chance to properly use the found entries.

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