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As a result, smaller apps threaten power monopoly. Tech companies like google and facebook, which will lead  new challenges in customer segmentation. “The degree of uncertainty.Volatility, complexity and ambiguity will increase.Meaning authenticity and veracity. Will become absolutely critical in the future,” said dr. Haymes.

He believes that the coronavirus pandemi. Has provided an opportunity to accelerate and accelerate changes. And cracks in the lifestyle, education, and nature of work that. Were formed in the industrialization era. The coronavirus is also highlighting vulnerabilities .In existing systems, he said.

Everything is disruptive and changing because. Of the impact of the coronavirus, and even the solutions. To address this problem will be affected by the pandemic haymes said.

He Basically Diagnosed That Our Society Is Entering A Period Of Disintegration

In addition, he predicted that more Hungary Business Email List fundamental aspects and tendencies will emerge that will affect human life. For example, it is said that it will affect the constitutional principles of capitalism and reshape the purpose of national economic activity.

The near-perfect story of technology, health, social media and geopolitical tensions will change almost every aspect of our lives. He said, “we cannot go back to the time before covid-19, the future we expected, or the past. Ordinary daily life is gone. The new normal is not the key. We have to figure out how we can keep pace with the future.

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In the past 30 years, mankind has discovered that (capitalism) has not brought utility to most people. He emphasized that capitalism needs to be restructured to properly balance the wealth, health and welfare aspects.”

According to dr. Haymes, the challenge CH Leads for humanity is to stop encouraging people to overspend. Because this consumption is causing a crisis, leading to the collapse of energy sources, food production and ecological systems. This creates a culture of conflict and criticism over problems, and leads to despair and a sense of crisis due to loneliness, anxiety, depression, and fear.

Heims pointed out that consumption and despair are recurring due to the four major crises (behavior, system, culture, and consciousness) of civilized society.

He added that it was a “serious problem”. However, for marketers who create the discourse that dominates our society, he argued that it is a golden opportunity to fundamentally change the discourse that consumption is the key to happiness.

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