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This can lead to accidental clicks creating choppy application flow. You will be able to place these ads in stages similar to the interstitial format, usually locatd at the top or bottom of the screen. Video ads : The areas that work best for this type of ad are the areas between levels and other natural breaks. Do not abuse these ads because there is no sense in showing a 15-30 second clip every minute of using the app.

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Native ads : they appear more natural and are more effective when they are directly integratd into the content of the application database itself. They blend well with the content and don’t interrupt the user experience but are nonetheless difficult to adapt. Reward Ads : Link your ads to stages where users can earn premium content. Several possible scenarios: gaining new lives, getting in-game currency. Make sure the reward is something big enough to warrant watching a 30-second video.


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If you put an interstitial ad after three screen transitions or a video ad after each level, keep the app flowing naturally. When CH Leads everything  is in place, check your areas where your ads may be less effective or they may also be damaging traffic retention and make any necessary adjustments. Customize ad segmentation Creation rules and placement directions basd on each of your user segments are to be expectd. You’re probably wondering why build an ad experience for the lowest common denominator when you can optimize for every type of user.

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