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These 5- to 6-digit phone numbers are the SMS gold standard and the hallmark of a respect sender. Shortcodes go through a rigorous approval process ensuring they are only given to those with proper consent and messaging practices. You are also given higher priority as a sender and greater deliverability/messaging throughput when sending from a short code which can be critical when communicating with a sizable audience. Cold calls Phone spam About an hour ago my phone rang. It w

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Code so I answer. Maybe its important Someone I know …no it was a financial planner pitching me his services. Cold calls from telemarketers are part of daily life for many of us. Almost 90% of our respondents report getting telemarketing calls. Nearly 40% of people get telemarketing calls every single day. There are two ways to fight back with laws and with b2b leads technology. Neither is perfect. To add your phone number to the National Do Not Call Registry (or to verify that you have already done so) visit www.donotcall.gov. Theyll send you an email to confirm. If you dont see it check your spam filter. The other way to mitigate

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Call blocker either built into your phone or using an install app. 78% of our survey respondents use a call blocker to stop telemarketing calls. But of course enough get through to make you distrust your phone every time it rings. What do you do when the telemarketer calls The majority of our  CH Leads respondents simply dont answer the phone. Just like every other form of spam the most common response is to ignore it. But 1 in 5 pick up the phone and 7% of respondents report being rude to telemarketers. Although I dont recommend being uncivil in any context I do understand. The telemarketer was rude first by interrupting. Will all this

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