Ga4 Google Analytics 4 Online Reporting Tool That Makes Business Easier

Many people may not know how google analytics 4 can help businesses? Today, nipa will take everyone to get to know google analytics, 4 of the best online marketing tools for modern businesses. If you’re ready, go check it out!

What Is Google Analytics

Google analytics is google’s tool for analyzing and evaluating websites. By bringing information from people who visit the website to analyze various statistics both in terms of demographics (demographic), such as gender, age, interests and personal preferences. Or the occupation of the web visitor including behavior (behavior), such as the device used to visit the website. Time spent on the website, etc.

Google analytics reports results or Ecuador Business Email List statistics. Related to the website in the form of analytical reports (report), which we can choose to view reports in many dimensions such as audience, acquisition, behavior and conversions reports.

There are four versions of google analytics available to the general public. The latest version, known as google analytics 4 (ga4), formerly known as app and web property, is a significant upgrade over the third version, universal analytics (ua), with a focus on focus. Target groups to be more precise.

Focus On Data Security Data Privac Ncluding More Accurate Measurements

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Google has released google analytics 4 in october 2020, with reporting groups divided into 2 groups: 1.Life cycle is the part that tells the behavior of using the website and user or the part that tells basic user information. Our website work

Benefits of google analytics 4 exceeding CH Leads sales goals if you understand the customer

Predict the future behavior of customers. From behavioral data collection (behavioral data), such as click rate to view product review articles, video skip rate to analyze in order for brands to understand customers and predict what customers will buy in the future.

Understand the behavior of people who come to the website or application. Know that people who visit the website. Are you more male or female? How old are you? What gender? What pages do people spend time on or what are they most interested in? The information can then be applied to marketing strategies to further increase sales.

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