How to go from being a journalist to a digital journalist 2.0

How to go from being a journalist to a digital journalist 2.0. Today I am going to tell you how to become the new Digital Journalist 2.0: a fusion with Content Marketing, Community Manager and lifelong journalist. All in one. Includes tools, analysis of job offers and advice. The journalist’s world has changed in recent years and now it is the brands (and not the media) that need to generate the best content.

Know how to inform and dialogue equally

Know how to inform and dialogue equally. Until a few years ago, reporting meant telling news, communicating, warning. The new circumstances require a certain dialogue and creating conversation . It is not enough to release the news, but a certain debate is generated that results in the creation of a community. In fact, the comments area of ​​a controversial email database news item is as read as the news itself. The reader is no longer enough to read the news, he also likes to observe the reactions and arguments of other readers.

Communicate in several languages ​​(international audiences)

Communicate in several languages ​​(international audiences). On the other hand, the fact that it is free and there are no information limits means that users can access a huge number of online newspapers and that the journalist can reach readers anywhere. That will require, in many cases, being able to write and respond to comments in other languages. The results of elections or a football match, natural disasters, the death of an artist, court CH Leads rulings, heartfelt news or some key moment in a TV show find on Twitter extremely fertile ground to germinate and spread to the rest of the world. full speed.

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