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Mutual understanding and joint achievement of the assume goals are important. Cooperation requires the involvement of both parties, if the blogger has an idea for content, do not insist on your own and try to trust him. After all, he knows his audience best and knows how to reach them.  What to avoid when creating a brand image? Since creating a brand image is a complex and complicate process, it can be conclude that it is not difficult to make mistakes. The absolute basis is strategy and reliable branding, but mistakes are easy to make here as well, especially if you want to build a brand on your own, and you have no experience or appropriate knowlege.

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One of the most common, and at the same time the most elementary, mistakes is the undefine target group and the lack of brand features. How do you want to stand out in the market? What do you want to give your customers and why should they database choose you? The essence of creating an image is uniqueness. A brand that is memorable is a brand that sells well. Find your own way to be original, think how you would like to be remembere and start acting. Another serious mistake when building a brand image is the lack of consistency in communication.


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Different style of speech – different for each channel, inconsistent graphics and a different promise. Ask yourself: how are your audience suppose to remember your brand if it looks and says it differently every time? The image is something that evokes CH Leads specific associations with specific products or services, and inconsistent communication makes it difficult to remember. Customers will be broken and confuse, and after a while they will forget about your brand. Mistakes also include a lack of understanding of the consumer’s world.

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