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Now that we know the broad meaning of this word, let’s try to classify the so-called platform to see more clearly. No one will be surprised why. That’s why we hear this word often. In many occasions and many industries because it is a digital age where various technologies play a greater role in our daily lives than in the past. In general, the type of platform that is being used today. can be divided into several types as follows.

Operating Systems Platforms

An operating system (short for “OS”) is a program that manages other programs. All files on the computer after being loaded onto the computer for the first time. The operating system is loaded from disk when the computer is Hungary Mobile Number List powered on by a boot prompt. (programmable read-only memory) Boot Prom contains microprocessor instructions to begin loading the OS into main storage. Boot Prom provides control to the operating system that completes the boot process. Other programs on the computer are called application various applications Take advantage of the operating system by making service requests through defined application program interfaces. In addition, users can interact directly with the operating system through interfaces such as command languages. Issue the Unix ls command to display files, for example. 

Computing Platforms

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A system composed of hardware devices and the operating system that applications, programs use to run. An example of a computer platform is a desktop computer with Microsoft Windows installed. Desktop is a hardware device and Windows is an operating system, and so on.

Social Media Platforms

Refers to a system for CH Leads disseminating information on the Internet to a group of followers. People use social media platforms to publish their daily activities, opinions, videos and pictures. Including dissemination of information reposted by others. There are many major social media platforms today such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok or Twitter etc. In fact, Social Media Platforms fall into the category of what is known as “Online Platform.

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