Insights Into The Impact Of Technology And Marketing On The Business

Technological advancements have created many opportunities for businesses. Businesses are now able to interact with their customers through increasingly popular new technologies such as online messaging. And digital advertising, etc., which new technologies will inevitably change the marketing mix from the original. Which, if going back to this era, the 4Ps model was first ignited by James Culliton in 1948, who he called this model “Mixer of Ingredients”, but later in 1964, Neil H. Borden has proposed a new name. “Marketing Mix” or “Marketing Mix” instead, which is a model that combines various factors. That is part of a comprehensive marketing plan. Which can be classified into 4 important factors.


However, in 1981, Booms and Bitner created a new extension marketing mix. Three more important elements were added: Physical Evidence, People, and Process. when various technologies has come to have more baht per market The expanded marketing mix therefore becomes more and more appropriate. in the current marketing context both for marketing services and online services, and when assessing the impact of technology on each marketing mix. We can explain the picture as follows.


Pricing strategies for individual products Paraguay Mobile Number List and services have changed after the emergence of the digital world. With the competition between organizations rapidly increasing. Competitor information is easily accessible. and more transparent for consumers. Hence, it becomes essential for businesses to set prices for their products or services transparently. Businesses need to understand what online consumers expect of them. and how much it is likely to pay for a given product value.

Product Product

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Product attributes play an important role in successful product marketing. Consumers cannot see the product in its true form. Therefore, some product formats CH Leads are adapted with the use of technology, for example, e-books. electronic ticket digital photo and online bill payment All have changed in form from the original product. This element in the marketing mix involves businesses choosing the right products for their customers. (rather than selecting the right customer for the product.

And with the convenience of the internet Many companies have customized their products to meet the needs of consumers. Nike and Vans, for example, allow online shoppers to customize their shoes, such as color schemes and designs, as well as bespoke products. Others include glasses, clothing, golf clubs, bicycles, fishing rods and CDs, etc. 


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