Is It Necessary Keywords Must Be In The Website Title

For people who are interested in seo is learning. Or looking for information you may have heard the advice. That says “when naming a website (domian name), put a keyword in it” because it. Helps with seo, which is another theory that I believe as well.

Expert Webmaster Trends Analysts from Google
Until one day, someone commented on Twitter asking John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analysts from Google, about using the .jobs domain to see if there are Jobs search results on Google.

Made John Mueller talk about the issue of Keyword Domain that

“You don’t get a special bonus like Panama Email List that from having a keyword in your top-level domain.

( You won’t get extra points by putting keyword in your domain name )

John Mueller’s advice to SEOs and website owners: There is nothing useful if we use keywords in the website title. We can see that the results on Google Search websites that are ranked in the top. Sometimes there are no keywords in there at all, including in the URL.

What John Mueller says may contradict what many have learned. But this has been said many times as well. Jon also said that Setting up a domain name using keywords may cause the website to have disadvantages as well, for example, when we want to change the goal of making the website or business, the website will be stuck with the keyword and cannot be changed. And transferring domains is also difficult. Because the business is evolving all the time. It makes more sense to choose a domain name that can be used for the long term.

Jon gives an example


Country Email List

“If today we were doing a business of CH Leads creating blue widgets, we would name the website And if one day we want to make it red, what will we do?”

Which I agree with naming a website that can be used in the long run or as a Brand Domain instead of focusing on a domain name to support just one keyword.




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