Little Things That People With Websites Need To Know

Doing SEO besides giving importance to content, choosing keywords that are suitable for the website To push the rankings on Google, there are still small details. Another part that helps with SEO as well and is the part that many website owners overlook is the Alt Attribute.

What are Alt Attributes

Alt Attribute is the text or image Hong Kong Email List description on a website. It is what we have to put in the image tag, some people may call it Alt Tag or Alt image. Please tell me what is this picture? Relevant to the article and website In case the image on the website does not display the Alt Attribute, it will allow us to know that the image does not display. or what is the problem? when we can put a description on the picture That means we can put keywords into this section too!



Rules for adding alt attributes

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The description should match the image. If we enter a description that does not match When there is a problem with the image not showing may cause people who visit the website Or we ourselves can be misunderstood. But in the case that some images are used to decorate the website It is not necessary to enter the description. can be left blank

Importantly!! Adding keywords to the Alt Attribute will also help with SEO.

In addition, putting keywords in the Alt Attribute also directly affects image search as well because Google Search does not only search for websites. But we can also search for images.

Annotation should avoid using hyphens CH Leads or hyphens “-” in the description. Or the sentence is not popular to use dash “-“, let us use it as a space instead.

another is We should not include the same Alt Attribute description for every image. If there are multiple similar images or multiple items of the same type, the text should be different. May start with Keyword and add other words such as model or color of the product. to make a difference and to be more specific.

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