Nativex Releases Power Influencer Marketing Guidebook In China

Nativex, a mobile marketing company, has released a guidebook on how to use power influencer marketing in china.

Through this report, nativex gathered information. Necessary for successful influencer marketing strategy. Earnings, such as the current status of influencer marketing in china, analysis of key characteristics of each social media platform, and success stories of influencer campaigns.

According to the guidebook, 60% of chinese. Brands are focusing on influencer marketing. More than half (52%) of consumers checked influencer recommendations during. The purchase process, and 33% of consumers made. A purchase after encountering influencer content.

The Generation Most Receptive To Influencer Marketing Is ‘generation

As a result of examining the age group of the influencer fan base, the proportion of those born in 1995 or later (54%) was more than twice that of Germany Business Email List those born in 1990-1995 (22%), and 45% of them voluntarily signed up after being recommended by an influencer. I bought a product,’ he replied.

The format of influencer marketing content has also changed. It was found that live streaming or short-form videos, which enable real-time communication with viewers in the method of recording and delivering information-containing videos one-way, are most often used for influencer marketing.

Major platforms include community-type social commerce platform ‘xiaohongshu’ and video platform ‘bilibili’. Social network services weibo and wechat also support influencer activities by providing their own video and live streaming functions.

In Order To Increase The Effectiveness Of Influencer Marketing

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It is important to select a platform that fits the characteristics of the product and brand. Xiaohongshu, which has the characteristics of both CH Leads social media and e-commerce, has a very high proportion of female users at 95%, and since 2018, advertising revenue has grown by 50% in one year.

Kuaishou mainly targets 3rd and 4th tier cities, and it was found that the proportion of advertising in the gaming sector is large. Wechat, ‘china’s kakaotalk’ with 950 million monthly active users (mau), had the highest influencer marketing spending in the order of culture, fashion, and cosmetics reviews.


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