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In the 2019-01 Pilot. Students Enroll in the First Two Courses of All Our Courses – Mathematics and Basic Mathematics Complements – Incorporat This Methodological Strategy to Consult Videos and Develop the Activities Organiz by Their Teachers. Our Students Can Use Khan Academy Resources at Any Time of the Day and as Many Times as They Consider Necessary . a Facility That Enhances the Autonomy They Require for Their Academic Activities. to Carry Out This First Experience. During the Summer We Train Teachers and Coordinators of the Science Area at Our Different Locations. Just Over a Month into the 2019-1 Semester. the Percentage of Students Using the Khan Academy Platform Has Exce the Goal We Establish.

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For the Next Period. in Consideration of the Good Results Obtain. We Will Incorporate Other Courses in the Different Majors. Such as Mathematics 1. Calculus 1. Calculus 2. Calculus 3. Physics 1. Physics 2. Physics 3. Chemistry 1. Chemistry 2 and Chemistry 3. as Well as the Courses business database of the Leveling Program (Pdn). Thus Optimizing the Performance of More Than 30.000 Students of Our Institution.when He Receiv the Summons Urging Him to Go to Rome to Face the Trial to Which the Inquisition Decid to Subject Him. It Is Likely That Galileo Had a Disastrous Premonition. Some Years Earlier. an Ecclesiastical Court of the

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Catholic Church Had Condemn Giordano Bruno to Die at the Stake for Having Maintain That the Universe Was Infinite. And. Therefore. Off-Center. and the Solar Systems Like Ours That Populat It Were Infinite. Going Thus. Not only Against the Conception Forg by Aristotle and Which. Consecrat by Religious Authority as Incontrovertible Truth. Not only Plac the Earth at the Only Center of a Finite Universe. Dialogues Concerning the Two Maximum World Systems . the Book That Galileo Publish in 1632. Contain CH Leads a Plea in Favor of the Copernican Theory. Not only. There Were Three Characters Who Disput There: Salviati . Clearly. the Alter Ego of Galileo. an Enlighten Defender of the Heliocentric Conception; Sagro . a Clever Character Who Serves Salviati’s Expository Purposes.

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