On Page Seo Practices How To Improve Your Website

Have you set your sights on creating your own site, but feel lost and don’t know where to start? I suggest you sit back, relax, and read this article, which will help you put your effort in order!

Most internet users use search engines such as Google & Bing as a primary means of searching for information, products and services online.

Every website owner (like you are about to become), wants his website to have many appearances in search engine results lists , so as to increase the accessibility of users to it.

This, then, is the final result that you, reasonably, want to achieve as well. But, first, you have to start with the basics and essentials, which will help you in your effort to create your site. 

The First Steps to Creating Your Own Site

Find a Domain Name & Hosting

The first steps you need Iran Email List to take to get started are:

  • Find a Domain Name , i.e. an address that your users will use to come to your site
  • Ensure Hosting , i.e. the service that will ensure the connection of your website to the internet.

Every time someone enters the domain name  you have chosen in a browser, such as Google, then it will transfer the content of your site from the hosting that hosts it.

*Remember that registering a Domain Name is of crucial importance and, of course, you would not want someone else to register your idea before you.

Choosing a Site Creation Platform

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Site Creation Platform is, in essence, a software that you will use to build your website . There are several open source platforms and they all have positives CH Leads and negatives, but the first that comes to mind is WordPress  and not without reason.

WordPress is a Content Management System and is the most widespread website construction platform, since it is, with a percentage of 28%, the driving force of the world wide web 

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