Slow Recruitment Psychology At The Service Of Efficiency

Slow Recruitment: psychology at the service of efficiency
Did you know that our brain works in two very distinct modes when it comes to making a decision?

The psychologist and economist Daniel Kahneman, in his book “ Thinking, Fast and Slow ” describes a quite singular cognitive process: depending on the time available, we do not think at all in the same way.

What implications does this have for recruitment

The central thesis of the researcher is Kenya Email List that our mind uses two natural processes for decision-making:

The first or mode 1 is fast and allows you to choose instinctively – either because emotion dictates it ( ” what is your favorite color? ” ), or because learning has made it automatic ( ” how much is 2 times 2? ” )
The second or mode 2 is much slower , and calls on completely different resources, introducing the notions of internal conflicts , reasoned evaluation and complex calculations ( ” how to raise my child? ” or ” should I buy a house instead of paying rent? ”
Slow Recruitment uses the second decision mode

Slow Recruitment uses the second decision mode

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Rather than opposing each other, these two modes work in tandem , each serving a specific purpose to help humans in their daily lives.

Modern recruitment is no exception to CH Leads this dual modality. There is indeed a fast way of recruiting, the one whose objective is to respond, in a very short time, to the hiring requirement, and a slow way, Slow Recruiting or Slow Recrutement , which places the intimate knowledge of the candidate and the quality of the recruitment before the requirement of speed.

How can these two approaches coexist?

Rapid recruitment, the default mode!
We can clearly say that the digital transformation of our societies has led to a considerable acceleration in our decision-making .

With a simple gesture you can order at a machine, with a simple click you can buy a piece of furniture online.

The Kudoz application , for example, approaches recruitment – of which we are fans at the Super Agency – in the manner of Tinder. It allows to connect candidates and employer at the speed of a “Swipe right”.


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