Starting A Website Should I Choose Seo Or Adwords

Seo and google adwords are online marketing. That is often quoted as a topic of these website. Builders all along. Which partly comes from the fact that both of them have. Similar capabilities and behavior but not the same!! Reiterated that they are not the same. Therefore, to solve this doubt, makewebeasy would like to take everyone. To decode together that if we start a new website what should. We choose between seo and google adwords to make our website successful.

SEO or Google Adwords, what to choose for starting a website

The answer to this question really Honduras Email List And partly depends on the purpose of the website. that each person has different needs But believe that the first thing that should come to mind It’s inevitable that it’s about pulling people into the website as much as possible. so that people know both the brand and the product Which is the main goal of doing business on the website in the beginning that it is. Because the sooner people know us, the faster the business can move forward. Therefore, if focusing on the need at this point, the Google Adwords side is probably the best answer.

But of course, everything is not all sprinkled with rose petals because even though Adwords can make everything of doing Ads on Google easy. but don’t forget that There is a cost (Cost) involved as well. And even if the word we want to be the keyword of the brand or product on our website has a high rate, the higher the price we have to pay as well. How can we fight like this? And if it can fight, is it worth the investment.

So SEO is another channel

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Including if we succeed It helps to keep our website on the wind. Until you become a “sleep and eat tiger” from doing business on the website straight away.

Here, let’s look a little deeper. If we CH Leads start a website together with doing both SEO and Adwords and use a strategy to put money into Google Adwords to pave the way first by drawing people to know the website in the early stages At the same time, doing both On-Page and Off-Page SEO on the website at the same time until when our SEO starts showing results on Google, then we gradually reduce the investment on Adwords and let SEO do its job it goes After that, your website will stand for a long time. Which can take the money to invest in Adwords to invest more in other parts.


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