Steady Recovery Of The Proportion Of Offline Purchases

According to the recent 21st week. (may 18 – may 24) report published by gfk, the recovery trend of offline. Sales solidified starting from the golden holiday period, which started from buddha’s. Birthday, and the offline sales share in weeks 18 to 20 was covid-19. It appears to have returned to the previous january level.

The recovery of the proportion of offline consumption.Which began in earnest in april. Began in the 18th week (week of april 27) when there was a golden holiday in may. Accounted. For 50.8% of offline sales for three weeks, and recovered to the weekly average. Of 50.7% in january.

The share of offline purchases recovered as. Suppressed consumer sentiment was revived as government. Regulations were eased from “social distancing” to “distancing in daily life.And reluctance to face-to-face purchases eased through environmental. Improvement efforts at offline stores. However, offline purchases.Which showed signs of recovery, recorded 43.4% offline and 56.6% online again. In the 21st week due to concerns about continued spo.

Gfk Has Been Checking The Trend Of The Domestic Home Appliance Market


Radic group infections such as those Jamaica Business Email List from itaewon, recording an average of 48.2% in may (weeks 19-21). This is a slight increase following the weekly average of

The ‘corona 19 Home Appliance Market Impact Analysis Report


Meanwhile, consumer sentiment CH Leads revived during the golden holiday period (weeks 18-19), and sales of home appliances also increased. Sales increased by 14% on a weekly basis compared to the previous two weeks, including the holidays, in march and april. However, it was found that deferred consumption was partially resolved during the holiday season, and sales after the holiday period also fell back to the previous level due to concerns about a cluster infection in itaewon.

As such, the industry had high expectations that consumer sentiment would improve starting with the golden holiday and that offline would benefit, and actual expectations seemed to be realized. Concerns about infection from the coupang distribution center raised the possibility of a contraction in consumer sentiment again, putting the offline consumption outlook at a crossroads again.

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