Steps to Create Free Facebook Contests Updated

Do you want to generate greater engagement, get more fans or increase the reputation of your brand? But you still don’t use a very powerful social media marketing tool such as free contests on Facebook. Or you already use them but are they well made? Will they be legal for Facebook? In this post I am going to tell you some steps on how to create free Facebook contests, as well as examples of Facebook 2015 contests. Steps to Create Facebook contests are activities carried out by Community Managers for companies or brands on their pages with.

The aim of achieving

A series of objectives, which can be: generate greater engagement, get more fans, get more web traffic or obtain data from your followers. , among others. But don’t think company data that you can come and create the contests you want and however you want on this social network. For example, it prohibits you from promoting contests on the walls. So, it is best that you always keep in mind Facebook’s rules for contests. Tip : Not taking Facebook rules into account in a contest created by your company may lead to you having to cancel your Facebook page. As I have told you before, contests are a very powerful social media marketing tool, but if you use them in the wrong way, they can have negative effects on your brand’s reputation.

Steps to Create continuing 

The steps to follow to create free Facebook contests and promotions. I’ll leave you some information about this powerful social network. To do this, you must be able to CH Leads offer a prize that is attractive. That they like and that is an added value for your target audience. So that it motivates them to “ like” it and leave their name. Then with that data, you will have to randomly choose the winners from among the people who have “liked” the publication. It is recommended that you use the names of the winners to. Tag them so that they receive a notification with the results.

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