The Alphabet Of Digital Services

The need to familiarize yourself with the basic. Digital terms is important if you want to be constantly. Informed about digital trends and all matters related to your digital promotion. For this reason, we list below a brief glossary. With the most basic terms of the subjects that our articles usually refer. To, divided into the following categories: website, ppc, facebook, email marketing. Several terms found in one .Section may be useful in another, so we recommend that you look at all categories.

Let’s look at the basic terms of Email Marketing


Digital Services: Email Marketing
After the Infographic, there is a Maldives Email List text version with all the terms of Email Marketing that are in it, in case you need it.


Bounced email : It is the email that cannot be delivered (reach the recipient). There are 2 basic types of bounced: hard and soft bounced .

Click rate : If there is a link in the email that can be tracked, the click rate corresponds to the number of times the link was clicked,

Dividing it by the number of delivered emails

Country Email List

Email blacklist : It is a list based on which emails are categorized as spam. Essentially, emails are filtered through this list and depending on whether the sending email addresses are registered in this list, the emails are received or never reach the end user (recipient).

Email open rate : It is the number of CH Leads emails/newsletters that have been opened (read) by the recipients in the context of an email campaign divided by the number of recipients who have received the email.

Multivariate testing : It is the method of testing alternative combinations of text and graphics in an email/newsletter, in order to find the most efficient combination. Its difference from A/B Testing is that in this methodology not only one, but more than one element is chang.


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