The conversion rate in e-commerce

The conversion use digital transformation of business processes to change and adapt them to competition, customer requirements, or changing business goals. Business process transformation is often associated with improvements in production and supply chain management. Which ultimately increases profitability and eliminates bottlenecks. What is the focus of model transformation? While business process transformation centers around business workflows and tasks. Digital transformation business models aim to create new digital offerings and revenue streams. So that the enterprise can evolve with the market.

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The organizational aspect is also part of digital transformation. Employees must be convinced of the changes that digital transformation brings. New technologies Photo Retouching must be adopted in a dynamic and motivating way. The conversion rate Which in turn will increase brand value, competitiveness and revenues. When it comes to digitally transforming an organization, success comes through open, top-down discussions and collaboration. Smart digital technologies as well as basic ones are also the foundation of digital transformation. Technology transformation enables business transformation.

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To distinguish some of them, we have, for example, an ERP system, cloud computing, machine learning, AI (Artificial Intelligence), the Internet of Things or robotics and robotic process automation. The state of the digital economy The digital transformation of the CH Leads economy was presented in the KPMG report – “Business Digital Transformation Monitor” . So let’s see what the statistics looked like. Awareness of the importance of introducing digital technologies, implementing digital changes and the general idea of ​​a digital transformation initiative for business development exists in the minds of entrepreneurs.

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