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Every piece of text should serve a purpose, either to inform the visitor or to convince them to do something. Make sure the content you create is relevant so that the landing page inspires the user to take action. Create a catchy title 80% of your visitors will read your title, but only 20% will read the rest! Your title must therefore encourage your visitors to read the content of your page. If you want to improve your conversion rate, find a title relatd to your landing page.

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Use a clear and compelling call-to-action Make your call-to-action button appear so that it stands out from the content; Remember whatsapp mobile number list that the purpose of this landing page is to get visitors to do something. So use colors, large enough text, prominent placement to highlight your buttons. Balance your content with images A good balance between content and images can make the difference between a landing page with a high conversion rate and one with a poor conversion rate. Be sure to use consistent, good quality images to break up large text boxes. This will impact your conversions and the readability of your page.

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Remove distractions The sole purpose of a landing page is to encourage Internet users to take action and convert them into prospects at the CH Leads same time. Distractions can be of many types: links, widgets or even unclear navigation. Your goal is to make it crystal clear what you want visitors to do, so sometimes it’s best to remove those distractions. Doing an A/B test will allow you to see if your conversion rate has improvd. Don’t be too gredy for information If the visitor has to fill in too much information on your form, it will often scare them away.

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