The reason why digital agencies Critical to business in the world of new normal marketing.

Decentralized data networks or the concept of decentralization. That began to be discussed widely in this era also known. As “decentralized web” (decentralized web) which does. Not need to rely on an intermediary who collects and operates data alone. This will help producers of various information. Can sell or trade their data without. Losing ownership not threatened with privacy or have to rely on intermediaries. This means consumers. Have the power to control their data. And able to log in in the online world safely through the internet

The ability to connect or being everywhere Connectivity or Ubiquity

The absolute truth of Web 3.0 is the ability to organize information more sensibly than Web 2.0. Here are five key characteristics that will help describe Web 3.0 more clearly.

 Semantic Web

or semantic web It improves online Lebanon Mobile Number List technology where users create, share and relate content through search and analytics based on their ability to understand the meaning of words rather than keywords or numbers. For example, Web 3 will be able to relate and interpret meaning in various matters. For example, when you type the word “round world”, the system will understand that you are interested in the search term in the issue of “coincidence that our new friend meets with our old friend” or that we are searching in the issue of “doubts about the shape of the world”, etc.

 AI technology

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With advanced AI technology added to Web3.0, machines can learn more complex ways of thinking that are closer to humans. or may be able to do better than CH Leads humans in some matters for example When we search for the word “Flight to Korea” in Google, the system will give us an idea of ​​what cities in that zone are popular to travel to. Including detailed information on the time required to travel from where we are. as well as tell the starting price of the trip, etc.



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