The Top 5 Maintain Their Lead By Attracting The Best Students

Engineering Schools: the top 5 maintain their lead by attracting the best students
The panorama of the best Engineering Schools has remained unchanged for some time. We find in the top 5: the École Polytechnique , CentraleSupélec (resulting from the merger of the École Centrale and Supélec), the École des Mines ParisTech , the ISEP (Institut Supérieur d’ Électronique de Paris), as well as Telecom ParisTech .

For years, these Grandes Ecoles of Engineers have attracted the best students

They certainly benefit from a great Kuwait Email List reputation and recognized training. Nevertheless, to remain attractive in a globalized and competitive education market, these schools have ended up taking an interest in the candidate lead generation techniques offered by Inbound Recruiting .

A rich content strategy

Inbound Recruiting is partly based on Content Marketing

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As an Engineering Grande Ecole, in order to gain in attractiveness and attract the best students and professionals, it is not only necessary to create content but also to promote it.

Thanks to the multitude of sources of CH Leads rich and elaborate content at your disposal (faculty, students, specialized researchers, members of the administration, etc.) it is easy for you to take advantage of this source (almost unlimited) to gain in attractiveness. .

Take the case of the École Polytechnique. Its website highlights a “Press Room” in which we find:

Latest press releases
The events
The library
A specialized insert on the foundation of the school

This section makes it possible to present both the rich news of the school as well as the content of its online courses (MOOC).

For its part, the École CentraleSupélec uses its site to highlight the publications of its teacher-researchers. It lists the various interventions during conferences or publications in specialized journals.

When it comes to creating content and promoting it, top-ranking schools are doubling down on their ingenuity, leveraging all the tools available. This is the case, for example, of the École des Mines ParisTech, which has created numerous videos, addressing various themes related to their teaching body. Here is an example of very rich educational content.


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