Tips To Elevate Your Website

While reading an article on the website, I came across a text that has a link outside the website. Is this an Outbound Link and is it for SEO purposes only?

Today we are going to get to know each other. Let’s find out how it’s important to enhance our website.

But before we go deeper into today’s issues. We need to know that links are divided into two categories.

Internal Link

It is a link that takes us from one Guyana Email List page of a website to another within the original website.

For example, you are currently reading this article, and if you hit SEO Suggestion service to get your site on the first page of Google, it will take you to another page related to SEO services, but still on the MakeWebEasy website.

External Link

It is a link that takes us from one page of one website to another page of another website. External Links are divided into two types.

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2.1. Inbound Links (or Backlinks)

It is an external link that people click to come to our website from other websites. And at the same time, we also need to know how to create the correct inbound link as well in order not to hurt our website ranking.

For example, in this blog of, he has specified or linked to our MakeWebEasy website, so the link he put in his blog is an Inbound CH Leads Link (or Backlink) of the MakeWebEasy website.

2.2. Outbound Link

An Outbound Link is an External Link that people click on our website to other website’s website.

For example, if you click Chatcone here, it will take you to another website. which is our new chatbot service

If you understand the types of links, let’s look at the details of Outbound links.

A link to an external source is not just a link that takes people from our website to someone else’s website. to read more information only when he clicks

The way we put links in our articles or contents We need to think about the importance of that link to our content as well.

Therefore, we will look at the importance Or why do we have to link out to external sources for our website in the next topic.

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