Uber Introduces Domo’ To Solve Exploding Data Problem

Most offline events last 2-3 days, but virtual events can be permanent. It is desirable to keep the event in mind as it is being designed, and even after the event is over.

The experiences of companies like salesforce. And the response to salesforce’s digital world tours. Show that virtual attendance at an event can be significantly increased by follow.-up marketing and word of mouth, long after the event has ended.

We Needed To Make Data And Analytics Available To The Business

Having all of your content in one managed place will be very beneficial as it allows viewers to discover related topics and introduces them to new areas of interest using a recommendation engine.

However, if the goal of the Cuba Business Email List content is to live long after the event ends, it is important to allocate resources to monitor how viewers engage. On-demand content usually lacks the interactivity possible during a live session, but the content itself will still likely trigger questions. Opportunities to openly ask questions should be open, and there should be personnel dedicat to monitoring and responding to questions.

Team For Transparency Of The Metrics That Help Them Drive Result

The on-demand version of the event should be as lively and dynamic as the actual event. It should not be a content museum that lacks vitality and is insipid.

B2B Email List

Like all digital tools, online conferencing platforms offer a variety of means to measure user behavior. And unlike conference evaluation forms, these metrics are available in real time. If you compare this with the login information of the attendees, you can pinpoint their actions and interests.

The amount of time a person CH Leads watches, the meetings they attend, their questions, and the comments they leave can be strong indicators of engagement and interest, which can be especially useful for lead-scoring and other follow-up

Ancia krittle, director of global travel and expense. At uber, said her unit has multiple sources of data that it needs to integrate. And present its business. In a dynamic and transparent way.


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