Update Trends When The Epidemic Changes The Market

We can say with confidence that since 2020, it has been a time of great change in the world. Moreover, it is expected that in the world after 2020, many things will definitely not return to normal. As marketers work hard to think critically about branding this year and beyond, for example, what can be done to help companies grow faster? In the midst of an era where marketing has been redefined All of which are critical to marketing success in the years to come.

At this hour, we can see that many businesses turn around rapidly.

As the priorities or needs of a brand’s Czech Republic Mobile Number List customers shift during the pandemic, businesses have had to change their strategy or reposition their brand’s values ​​and positioning. A recent example is the case of many restaurants where dining in restaurants has been restricted or canceled. Causing businesses to order food to take away And streamlined delivery to reduce the risk of disease exposure has increased in popularity many times over. Explained by the number of downloads of various applications. to order a huge increase in food.

There is also a shift in value propositions: the relationship people

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have with a brand has shifted. But now, most consumers are concerned about their health and safety. therefore giving importance to hygiene, cleanliness and comfort Therefore, restaurants must not focus on relationships. the past in the past Changing value propositions, location and relationships requires changing the marketing and operational mix. For example, some restaurants have moved their kitchens from the back of the store CH Leads where customers were previously unable to see them to the front. Passing customers can observe the cooking and smell of freshly cooked food. This strategy helps to build a hygiene relationship. and safety while increasing the convenience of doing business for restaurants, etc. 

Or in the case of certain groups of products. Such as cosmetics or dietary supplements with new sales channels. Due to the lockdown period when the mall was closed. Or have to limit the service time as a result. Customers have to buy through online channels. Or e-commerce instead. There may be some customers. Who do not go back to shop by themselves at the department store again. With the familiar convenience of buying online.

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