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At present, advertising through various channels It is an important part of online marketing. Which is one of the most popular platforms that everyone must have been through training and experimenting, probably not through the Facebook channel, of course, from trial and error, must have lost a lot of money So today on Talka we have a special interview from Mr. Benz, Senior Ad Operations Specialist of Talka, in which we will talk about the topic “Do’s & Don’ts in doing Facebook Ads if you don’t want to pay for free”. Some of them follow along.

Introduce yourself

My name is Benz Atikarn Sinthawangkun. I’m currently a Senior Ad Operations Specialist, Team Lead at Talka Talka Digital Media.

After graduating from Marketing at Andorra Email List Assumption University I tried to work as a Management Trainee at a Japanese company but I felt that it wasn’t suitable for me so I changed my line of work to do Digital Marketing.

What Do You Think Is The Most Important Aspect Of Budgeting Facebook Ads

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Before starting to plan a budget for Facebook Ads, we need to understand how the Facebook Ads system works. 

To make Ads effective, our Ads must pass the Learning Phase first, which is when Facebook experiments with delivering ads to target audiences to get the CH Leads results we want. To pass the Learning Phase, Facebook needs 50 Events/week and the way to get through the Learning Phase quickly is to get 50 Events as quickly as possible. Who can see the results we want.

Therefore, we already know that we need 50 Events/week, we have to find out how much money we spend per 1 Event.

For example If the purpose we want is Lead and looking at the past data, per 1 lead we spend 300 baht, so we have to spend money per month. 50(events)*300(per 1 lead spends 3004(number of weeks)= 60,000 baht per month.

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