What Are Core Web Vitals New Seo Factors That Affect Website Ranking

If you are another person doing business online. and have their own business website. SEO is one of the most effective online marketing techniques. If your website ranks well on Google Search, then your business will surely be able to grow steadily!

Let’s take a look at how in 2021, SEO professionals have changed their SEO strategies so that websites meet Google’s algorithm as much as possible.

70-80% of Google users visit websites that are not advertisements.


 Search Intent Understand the needs of searchers.

No matter how many years have Norfolk Island Email List passed I keep talking about the same thing as always. Changing user behavior What we need to focus more on is not only doing SEO with keywords that have high search volume alone. But you also need to understand the needs of the User.

Let me give you an example. Muscle chair import business It is a product that meets the needs of people who want to have six packs. The keyword that is suitable for this product is probably not out of the question. “Build muscle” with high Search Volume for people who want to have beautiful muscles. Search this word and find our products. But what will really happen? When you use this term on a product page, it is This site will not be ranked.

Because… Google knows that most people who search for the keyword “build muscle” have a need. or interested in exercise want to find a technique or articles to learn, not products , that means If you want to rank higher in keywords, you need to make this website in the form of a blog or more informative articles. And on the product page, it may change to focus on keywords that Google chooses to rank in the category of the product page more, such as “muscle building machine” instead.

Focus on building a website on “mobile” mainly

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In fact, Google has started ranking mobile CH Leads websites seriously since 2019. Currently, 63 % of Google Search users are on mobile and their click-through rate (CTR) is 32% compared to With a computer screen, it will be at 25%. Obviously, mobile phones are stronger in every way.

Does your website look good on mobile yet?

You can check how your mobile site performs with Google’s free mobile-friendly test tool or check out the Mobile Usability Report in Google Search Console.



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