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On the menu, new insights that allow you to learn a little more about digital trends and consumer behavior on the Internet. The important points to remember from the Google Consumer Barometer For its 5th dition, the Consumer Barometer once again offers a multitude of digital data relating to the use of the web at global or national level. You can also build your own analysis in the Graph Builder by selecting the criteria that interest you. Let us now see what the study gives for France.

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Mobile in France 92% of young people under 25 are , unsurprisingly, the biggest consumers of mobiles . But the use of mobiles extends Latest Mailing Database widely to other age groups: 65% of 45-54 year olds have a mobile and 31% of over 55s. Mobile queries concern: search engines (40%), social networks (34%), product information (32%), maps (28%) and online videos (only 13%). How do mobile users use their mobile? How do mobile users use their mobile? Buying online The web is the primary source for information on products and special offers in 60% of cases. The search for information prior to the purchase is not only carrid out on the web, only 19% use the web exclusively.

Latest Mailing Database

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The majority prefer to collect information both on the web and in stores (38%). Consumers use several terminals to obtain CH Leads information, 83% prefer computers, 13% smartphones and 7% tablets. Online searches generate conversions both online (29%) and in-store (28%). Buying online in France Buying online in France Local shopping Consumers collect local information online for several reasons: plan their activities (33%), inquire about a specific product (21%), buy a product.

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