Why Does It Attract Many People Start This Business

What is an e-commerce business?

1. O2o marketing
Digital business in the form of online to offline, which can still be used effectively in 2022. O2o marketing is an opportunity for businesses to have a distribution channel that covers more target consumers. Brands with offline stores have a trust advantage. Which directly affects the decision to buy products in online stores. Which can generate sales that increase more than double in new age marketing


2. Direct to consumer (d2c)
Will remain the mainstream of the e-commerce market in 2022 as a result of the growth of technology. Making it easier for brands to reach consumers cut out the middleman, resulting in increased benefits for both consumers who have the opportunity to get good products at lower prices and brands that have the opportunity to reduce costs and increase profits to develop better products.


It’s an opportunity to invest in learning and understanding in this 2022. Personally, I think it won’t take long for these stories to become mainstream. Meta’s virtual world (formerly facebook) has a very high chance of success. Because the original facebook users are almost half of the world’s population. It is also good at building communities and networks, so the important thing for smes in 2022 is to invest in the knowledge of the future world.

Restrictions On Using E Commerce

Data insecurity lack of monitoring Guyana Business Email List of credit card usage on the internet. Credit card information may be intercepted or read in order to obtain the name and credit card number for use without the knowledge of the credit card owner. To transmit data, a complex encryption method has to be developed. So that customer information is most secured.

Electronic Data Can Be Copied

B2B Email List

Thailand does not yet have a commercial bank that acts as a hedging function. For electronic payments at present, payments are still made through CH Leads foreign-owned banks.

Buyers are unsure of business confidentiality. Personal information, such as not being confident that credit card numbers will be taken advantage of in the wrong way or not.

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