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What is a Facebook ads manager

Simply put, it’s a tool that lets you Guadeloupe Email Lists create, edit and manage your ads. It visualizes how your ads will reach your marketing goals on Social Media and Audience Network where you can use tools to analyze campaign results. Makes you get to know your target audience, products, and directions for marketing that are more suitable for you.

This tool can be used on your computer or you can download facebook ads manager app to use on your mobile device as well.

What can Ads managers do

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  • Advertising campaign creation Starting from you have to choose a marketing objective. The group of people you want to reach. Ad display area and the format of the advertisement You can use the Ad creation tool to design creative ads.
  • Manage multiple ad campaigns at the same  time where you can edit or set multiple audience segments, budgets, placements, ad impressions within the same page. Including creating a new copy of your ad.
  • View your ad performance. Up-to-date information about your ad performance You can view results at the ad level, ad set, to campaign and overall ad performance overview. Metrics you are interested in and creating or scheduling advertising reports.
  • Choose to view account details, campaigns, ad sets or ads to manage your creative or art work , or to view specific results. Because you can customize the topics displayed in the results yourself.

Advantages of Ads Manager

  • Quickly rebuild your ad copy.
  • Edit your ad settings such as CH Leads target groups, budgets within one place
  • Analyze results and make instant changes to ads and campaigns.
  • Customize your graphs and tables to view key metrics based on individual needs.
  • Ads can be creat and managed on both mobile devices and computers.
  • Help you make more accurate decisions. To create and improve the next set of advertising campaigns.

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