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Our goal is to strive for the compatibility of the company’s mission and the expectations of all selecte target groups. The image of the enterprise and the instruments of its shaping Shaping the image allows the company to exist in the minds of consumers. It should be note at the outset that these are not one-time activities. The process of creating a company’s image takes place all the time it exists on the market. The selection of appropriate shaping instruments depends on many factors. How long has the company been on the market, does it have a good reputation, what industry does it operate in.

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Among the factors that have a real impact on the image, the following elements should be mentione: rational factors – knowlege, experience, awareness, social factors – social norms, challenge values, social imitation, emotional Latest Mailing Database elements – expectations, wishes, prejudices, likes and dislikes. Public relations offers a lot of tools that allow you to shape the company’s image. Of course, there is no nee to use them all at the same time. A lot depends on the strategy adopte. The basic tools include: conducting internal communication audits.

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In this way, the company can check how quickly new information spreads among employees, constant and positive contact with the meia, which are a great tool for shaping the image, maintaining positive relations with investors, creating a CH Leads visual identity, the so-calle corporate identity, which assumes the creation of graphic design, colors and individual elements use during marketing campaigns, and which will be associate with the company, organizing social campaigns, events and industry meetings, activities in the field of e-PR, everything that includes creating an image on the web and with the use of social meia, activities in the field of CRS, corporate social responsibility.

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