How to create a system that will make your recruiting more effective

The main feature of the modern work of a hr manager is multitasking. At the same time, every day you have to deal with a large number of services and indicators. Work in a busy and constantly changing schedule, communicate with many people and at the same time not forget anything. Effective work of a manager requires speed and clear organization. In such conditions, it is simply necessary to implement a crm system, which hr uses as a database for collecting and structuring all work information. Who needs cloud hrm? Today, digital hrm (human resource management) platforms are needed by managers, business owners, hr officers, hr directors, and recruiters. How to creat That is, everyone who is in one way or another involved in the search for employees and their proper placement in the company. Recruiting challenges recruiting challenges in fact, the job of a recruiter is not as easy and simple as it might seem from the outside – after all, it’s not enough to find suitable employees, you also need to do it on time.

Who needs cloud How to creat HRM?

To do this, the manager has to manually monitor job sites every day, look through hundreds and thousands of resumes. And constantly conduct calls with applicants, based on the results of which dozens of final interviews culminate in the selection of one, that very suitable, future employee. Plus, at the same time, you need to publish the required Phone Number List vacancies on job search sites, quickly respond to resume calls and promptly update the advertisements submitted there. All this implies a huge amount of routine, turning the manager’s work into an endless and daily repetition of the same search-study-call algorithm. Using crm for recruiting frees the manager from the daily routine to perform his direct job responsibilities. What features should you consider when choosing?

What features should you consider when choosing?

Crm for recruiters boasts a whole list of features that can speed up recruitment and take it to a whole new level. First of all, you should pay attention to the function of automating the process of recruiting, training employees. Creating and maintaining an employee database, calculating kpi indicators, calculating salaries, bonuses and fines. The system also simplifies time tracking, communication between employees. Collecting feedback and CH Leads reporting for management. Integrations with various channels the main task of a crm system for hr is to create a database of applicants, resumes and an archive of communications with candidates for vacancies. Integration of the system with other services. Including google and linkedin, allows you to automate this process as much as possible. In particular, integration with google allows you to work with services provided by the company. Online documents and spreadsheets, as well as store data in the cloud. 

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