Incross E Commerce Platform Data Analysis Report Released

In this report, incross analyzed the traffic status of major e-commerce apps and websites in korea, usage patterns by device, and e-commerce demo profile data.

As a result of analyzing the number of unique. Users of major e-commerce apps in september 2020. Coupang (16.895 million) took first place with an overwhelming gap. Next was. 11st (9.933 million) gmarket (8.172 million) wemakeprice (7.604 million) tmon (6.508 million) auction (5.613 million) gs shop (4.705 million.Homen shopping (4.069 million) cj mall (3.648 million) hyundai h mall (3.195 million) had the highest. Number of users in the order.


Coupang was also the e-commerce app with the highest rate of increase in net users compared to the previous year. Coupang showed a steep growth rate with a 25.5% increase in unique users in september this year compared to october last year. The number of app users of 11st, gmarket, and wemakeprice is also on the rise. On the other hand, the growth rate of e-commerce websites showed a negative growth rate.


On The Other Hand As A Result Of User Demo Analysis Of Major Domestic E-commerce Apps.

He Usage Rate Of Women Was High In Most Apps

Live commerce is considered a trend that Luxembourg Business Email List will change the landscape of online shopping. Jam live (490,000), which has the most unique users among live commerce apps as of september of this year, started as an online quiz show in february 2018 and changed its direction to a live shopping platform last year. Grip (141,000 users) is a live commerce specialized app, and the number of users is steadily increasing. Recently, it is rapidly expanding its business by partnering with various consumer goods and distribution brands.

In Particular, The Main Users Of The top 5 Apps Were 30 To 40 Women

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Representative domestic platform companies and major e-commerce operators are also spurring the live commerce business recently. As a result of traffic analysis of major live commerce websites, naver shopping live (284,000 people) took first CH Leads place, followed by kakao shopping live (245,000 people), which launched the service in august.

Kakao shopping live does not service a separate app, but the actual number of unique users is expect to be higher as users are flowing in through the shopping tab in kakao talk messenger. As of october this year, the number of kakao shopping live talk channel friends reached about 1.2 million.





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