Amazon: ally or enemy to be defeated. As soon as the name “Amazon” is pronounced. Conflicting opinions immediately arise among people. Those who consider it a godsend and now use it for every purchase and those who . On the contrary – boycott it in every way , avoiding buying from it. ‘agency. We have already discussed. This topic on our channels some time ago. And from which this interesting threesome chat emerged. Returning to us and putting aside the conflicting opinions (which we will not deal with, limiting ourselves to talking about marketing.

The topic in which we are experts

It is undeniable that this marketplace – has Italy Telegram Number Data changed people’s purchasing habits – becoming one points of reference for online purchasing. Starting as a digital book store, it has gradually expanded to other sectors – reaching today – to also deal with fruit , vegetables and same-day deliveries. And – rightly – many Italian companies. Have asked themselves precisely about this fact: But will I still be useful.  And, above all, won’t I be replaced by this e-commerce ? And this is the first topic we deal with now. Can you be replaced by Amazon? From Amazon – understood as a company – no. Starting with iOS 11, Apple introduced a special feature called “Offload Unused Apps”.

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But from other sellers yes, given that the marketplace is a “jungle”

Aggressive sellers ready to make the lowest price to Russia Phone Number List grab new customers . Therefore, the fear of many entrepreneurs is justified. Indeed, the platform can represent a risk for your company… but it is also a great opportunity . In fact, as we have often said on this blog, marketing is a question of ” it depends ” and an absolute answer cannot be given – because you should know your company, what your objectives and numbers are… so as to have a built strategy tailored. Therefore, to overcome this problem, we have created a list of the main pros and cons of relying on this platform. Let’s see them one by one! Well, if some apps require re-downloading when you open it, you may have enabled automatic app downloads.

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