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Information. Notice the strange URL and the lack of security certificate in the link (http// rather than https//) spam text message This is a picture of a crime scene. Theyre trying to break into my accounts or set up fake accounts in my name. Many people get messages like this every day. Depending on your phone plan you may actually pay to get these scams. What should a legitimate marketer do We had to reach out for a pro for this answer. Stephanie Griffiths response to our request for a quote is like a mini-starter class for SMS

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Her at @QueenDTC to get more of her insights. Stephanie Griffith Founder emailpreview Well-intention SMS marketers are starting at a disadvantage thanks to spammy political campaigns and other unwant texts.Hope isnt lost though and there are strategic ways to build trust b2b email list with your audience. Reinforce the legitimacy of your brand by introducing yourself with a contact card giving subscribers an easy way to save your information. This will ensure that your future messages are recognizable and some devices (like iOS) will give priority to delivering messages that are ti to sav contacts. Unknown numbers feel inherently

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Cards help build a trust relationship between the sender and the recipient. The best texts feel friendly intimate and personal as if they are coming from a friend or trust source. You should embrace  CH Leads the short but conversational nature of the channel and craft your messaging accordingly. Ask engaging questions and be prepar to respond! Be respectful of quiet hours and when choosing to time your messages. While there are legal reasons to follow this guidance its also common sense. Would you stay engag with a brand that woke you up in the middle of the night to announce the last chance to shop their sale Lastly invest in a short code.

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