Plattier Groovy Demand For Ai Personalized Marketing Surges After Covid-19

In particular, the company said that the increase in personalized marketing centered on companies with their own malls is noticeable.

According to groovy, from february to august. The number of personalized marketing campaigns by domestic e-commerce. Companies increased by about 20% compared to the same period last year.And the fashion and beauty industry showed a large increase. Of about 41% compared to other industries.

These changes led to actual sales effect.And visit traffic increased by 52% and sales volume by 46% compared to the. Same period last year. ‘campaign’ refers to personalized marketing. Promotion that uses the groovy solution to deliver. Differentiated messages for each target on the company’s mall.

In The Meantime In The Domestic E Commerce Market Simply Increasing Sales Through Price

The number of new personalized Malta Business Email List marketing campaigns slightly decreased. It is analyzed that the cause is that large general malls want to continue successful personalized marketing campaigns instead of new personalized marketing campaigns due to the success of existing personalized marketing campaigns.

On The Other Hand In The Case Of Large General Malls Such As F And

B2B Email List

Competition was considered the only marketing strategy. However, as the non-face-to-face lifestyle becomes more common and the number of site visitors rapidly increases, the need for marketing that considers each visitor’s propensity is increasing.

Looking at groovy’s data, customized CH Leads marketing using customers’ current and past behavioral data, such as customers’ real-time reactions within the site or purchase or visit history, seems to be establishing itself as an essential marketing strategy for companies starting with covid-19.

Lee bong-gyo, director of plattier’s groovy business unit, said, “Due to the covid-19 crisis this year, more and more companies are increasing the demand for personalized marketing on their own malls.” we will actively support it in the future.”

Other than this, it’s hard to think of a reason for Microsoft to shorten the Office 2019 support period at this time. Microsoft will likely adopt this approach in 2021 or beyond. You can believe it.


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