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Below we explain the features of Twitter Blue, because. Therefore, being a What is Twitter paid solution , it offers several premium options and features that the free version of the social network does not provide. In addition, according to the company. Therefore, itself, new functionalities are being developed for its users and they may be launched soon. So it’s worth paying attention.


Is free Twitter going What is Twitter to disappear

When you use Twitter, it’s. Therefore, natural to like some executive data tweets more than others. Maybe because they are fun, contain relevant information, or for any other reason. Sometimes you’ll. Therefore, even want to save them, right? Well, although the free version of this social network allows you to do so, all the tweets you want to keep are together in one place, which is not very practical or organized.


What are the features of Twitter Blue

For its part, the Blue version allows you to group and. Therefore, organize tweets in folders. That way, when you want to search for messages CH Leads you’ve saved, you can simply go to the folders you created with the criteria that suit you and access them easily. For. Therefore, example, you can create a news folder, a funny videos folder, a threads folder, etc.

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