Supermarket Chain Coles Develops New Data Analysis Tool For Partners

Kohl’s created a new data analysis tool that leverages. More than 2,500 data points with the goal of providing .Suppliers with unprecedented insight into how their products are selling.

The new coles synergy tool was .Developed in partnership with iri, a global marke.T analytics provider, and pulls data sets from 2,500 locations in group supermarkets. Coles express stores and coles liquor locations. Coles and iri partnered last year. Giving iri exclusive access to coles scan data and analytics to build new data-driven tools.

Kohl’s synergy is based on iri’s liquid data platform. Which is used by uk distributors waitrose and morrisons, as well as us kroger. And albertson, as well as several other companie.S around the world. It is already being used by supermarket chains.

Kohl’s Said The Synergy Tool Will Provide Quick And Detailed Insights Across Products

This allows vendors to better Nicaragua Business Email List understand customer needs and performance and work with kohl’s.

More broadly, kohl’s noted that it uses insights from more than one billion customer transactions each year to make operational decisions, from product types to demand forecasting and promotional marketing.

“The coles synergy will allow suppliers to see all relevant market insights across their business using the same metrics they use within coles,” said greg davies, chief executive officer, commercial & express, coles group.

Stores Geographies And Sales Channels


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“Having a common understanding of the market makes joint business initiatives easier and fosters deeper relationships so we can work together to deliver innovative products and great value to our customers,” davies added.

The partnership with iri is one of CH Leads many .Partnerships coles has formed in recent years to elevate. Data-driven decision-making with digital capabilities. Other technology partnerships in this. Space include a strategic alliance with microsoft in 2019 that is transforming. Operations and augmenting business insights with data. A long-term partnership with accenture to activate. Smart sales and customer strategies. In addition, sap s/4hana, sap ariba, and infor gt nexus .Were introduced to improve financial processes. Reduce freight import costs, and improve availability.

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